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Gamers have been anxiously anticipating the next update for BioWare’s Anthem. Breaking radio silence community manager, Jesse, dropped us an update.

You can read the full patch notes here. This update contains a slew of quality of life changes. Here are just a few of the updates.

  • “Fixed a bug where multiple status effects applied to creatures were not able to be detonated for combos.
  • Inventory slot count at End of Expedition now matches the Forge and Vault
  • Cortex Menu – Various bugs with navigation and opening/closing the cortex have been fixed.
  • Cortex Menu – Fixed issues where some entries could not be ‘mark as read’ or would be become unread
  • New items gained from an expedition will now properly show the new item icon
  • Reduced frequency and intensity of several weapon muzzle flashes and gear effects.
  • Colossus Components “Reinforced Hull” and “Colossal Stock Augment” have had several issues with their text descriptions fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Javelin’s lower body would twist oddly when strafing and swapping weapons.
  • Resolved errors with the “Conductive Lattice” Interceptor Component not always providing correct stat bonuses.
  • The “Recommended Power” values were unintentionally reverted to their original values and have been fixed. The values should now read 425 for GM1, 575 for GM2, and 675 for GM3.”

Along with the update comes news about the long-awaited Cataclysm and information about a new Public Test Server (PC only).

“Speaking of the Cataclysm, you’re probably wondering when it is going to release.  Rather than rush it out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear. In order to do that we are releasing a Public Test Server (PTS) on PC, which will allow you to see the content as it is being developed and gives you the ability to provide feedback. While this won’t immediately solve all of the current issues, we want to continue to hear from you as we make improvements to Anthem – and the PTS is a great way to do that.”

We will get our first look at the Cataclysm tomorrow as BioWare is going to do another live stream at 3pm CST on Twitch and Mixer. I know I am looking forward to this, and I’m guessing we will get more information at EA Play.

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