Analog Assault Episode 4: Cross Platform Blues, Sony’s Low Blow, and Destiny 2

Analog Assault

Analog Assault Episode 4: Cross Platform Blues, Sony’s Low Blow, and Destiny 2

Recorded on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

This week, we take a little time to remember when we first got our Xbox Ones as Microsoft recently announced they would be ceasing production of the original unit.


Destiny 2 is almost here. Like, really, it’s a day or two away! We’re sharing out thoughts on the potential for cross platform saves as well as cross play. What can we say? We’re optimistic for one, and not so much for the other…


Our cross platform discussion leads right into the next topic. Microsoft has stated they are ready to have a conversation with any development teams interested in implementing cross play. It seems Xbox is looking to play nice, but we can’t say the same about Sony. The beta test for Call of Duty WWII featured some not-so-flattering fine print as well. Salt inbound.


Your submissions for Shots Fired include, of course, Destiny 2, our favorite weapons from gaming history, and imagining a different future for aging developers and IPs.


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Analog Assault
And remember… When in doubt, blow it up!


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