Analog Assault Podcast Episode 1: SNES Classic, Diablo, Mass Effect, and Dog Meat

Analog Assault MHG Podcast

Analog Assault Podcast Episode 1: SNES Classic, Diablo, Mass Effect, and Dog Meat

Recorded on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

Thanks for joining us in our refreshed and renewed podcast! Formerly known as the Mulehorn Gaming Podcast, we’d like to welcome you to a new era. This is Analog Assault, your source for weekly video game news, opinion, and general geekery.


This week, we start off by wondering about EA and Mass Effect Andromeda. Should we abandon any hope for DLC, or secretly keep our fingers crossed? Recent staff reorganization has us leaning towards the former option.


Nintendo and Sega are both slinging their own respective mini reissues of their retro consoles. Is getting the SNES Classic worth the torturous preorder experience all over again?


Diablo recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. What keeps players coming back again and again to slash and loot through this iconic series?


Prepare for a new, special segment here… Followed by Shots Fired. Using the hashtag #AskAnalog, listeners submitted questions about game sharing, Destiny 2, food (yep), Wolfenstein, and hammers. We <3 our listeners.


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