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The rumors are flying across the internet with the news about Amazon Prime Video looking to embark on a galactic-sized TV adventure. Its newest endeavor looks to the sci-fi phenomenon Mass Effect, recently off the success of its Legendary Edition release. Amazon Prime Video is making waves with its successful series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Wheel of Time, and The Expanse.

Not much yet is known about what a TV series about Mass Effect would look like, only that one is in pursuit. An Instagram post from Henry Cavill, an avid gamer and star of Netflix’s The Witcher, hinted that something may have been presented to him a few years prior. But a tweet from last night, sparking from this Deadline Hollywood article, has the internet, well, a twitter.

The response has been about as expected, many fans hoping for a continuation of Commander Shepard’s story, and many others hoping Amazon and Mass Effect will work together to tell another story in the acclaimed universe. Much like the details of the upcoming new game, it’s almost impossible to know what a TV show could be about.

This announcement comes just a few weeks after Mass Effect’s social media team(s) released a new teaser image for the aforementioned upcoming next installment. The fanbase was already picking apart that, and it now has even more to speculate on.

One thing is clear, Amazon has a hefty challenge ahead of them. Not everyone will be happy, but hopefully most fans will be. Stay tuned for more updates on an upcoming Mass Effect TV show by following MHG on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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