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This last weekend I was lucky enough to be in touch with CJ Melendez over at Uber Strategist PR and was given a Steam key for the alpha of Aftercharge, a competitive 3v3 first-person online game, by indie developer Chainsawesome Games. The game pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized security enforcers in quick-paced skirmishes where the robots must sabotage the energy extractors scattered on the map while the enforcers are tasked to spot them and stop them.

Screenshot of Aftercharge

Charging In

When I saw gameplay at PAX South I really enjoyed the Tron-like art style and the objective based play was very intriguing. It reminded me of the games we’ve grown to know and love as “hero shooters”.  I can definitely see the potential for a competitive scene blooming especially after getting hands-on experience with the game this past weekend.  The controls are smooth and simple and everything seems to be pleasantly balanced as far as I can tell so far.  The gameplay can also be very intense whether you are an enforcer trying to get ready for the imminent attack, or you are the last workonic functioning on your team and have to go for the clutch revive.

Action in Aftercharge

Cross Platform

The most intriguing aspect of the game to me isn’t just the fun competitive first person shooter though, it’s the fact that it is coming to the Nintendo Switch.  This is very exciting, but perhaps the most enticing thing is that it has been announced that Aftercharge will be cross-platform play between Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

What Lies Ahead

Be sure to keep your eyes open here at Mulehorn Gaming and your ears open to the Nindies and Indies Podcast for more about Aftercharge as it gets closer to launch.  We will even have some of the Chainsawesome Games team members come on the podcast for an interview as long as all goes well. Aftercharge definitely has my attention and is shaping up to be an Indi title you won’t want to miss.

August (a.k.a. Draco Augustus) is a dad gamer who loves sharing all of his geeky passions with his family, from Marty McFly to Mario and Master Chief. He is also the co host of the Nindies and Indies podcast and founder of the Houston Switch Club. #GoStros

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