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88 Heroes is a new 2D platformer from Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games. You have just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels while utilizing all 88 heroes given to you randomly throughout the game.

88 Heroes Preview

88 Minutes to Rock

At first, having an overarching time limit of a mere 88 minutes seemed intimidating. How could I possibly beat 88 levels in just under and hour and a half?! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Each level has its own time limit of 88 seconds which, in my time with the game, was more than enough to complete them. This fact rings true when you consider that the clock resets if you were to die during the level and, let me stress, you will¬†die in the levels. For instance, if you start level 3 with 85 mintues on the clock and die with 76, the clock to beat the whole game will reset back to the 85-minute mark as it was when you started the level. This takes some of the stress away from beating the clock.

The slogan for the game was: “They called the best… But the best were busy!” The heroes themselves have a mixture of abilities that range from useful to useless. The characters vary from robots to middle-aged mutant armadillos. My personal favorite was Rick Roll and, yes, it’s exactly who you think it is. The laughs I had while discovering the characters and learning about the game made for an enjoyable first play through.



The gameplay itself had its up and downs. While the variety of characters kept things fresh, and made me play with a more cautious approach when I was in control of a good character, it also let in a little bit of frustration with some of the ways you can die. If you’re to close to a wall and have an explosive weapon, you can (and likely will) blow yourself up. If there’s a platform rising and falling, there’s a chance that it will crush you. The mechanics of the game never really made me want to give up due to frustration, however.

One saving grace is that when you reach your last hero, you have the option of either quitting and starting from the very beginning or retrying using the last hero that you died with, which is also a double edged sword since the hero you died with very well may have been pointless. If you do choose to continue, you have the chance to collect coins along the way. Collect enough (88) and you have the ability to revive one of your fallen heroes.




88 Heroes is a fun game. I didn’t quite reach the end, as by the time I looked at the clock I realized I had been playing for 4 hours straight. 88 minutes is 88 minutes, sure, but there’s more than just the main game. You also have the capacity to unlock two other modes:

One called the Magnificent 8 where you go through the same levels as the main game mode, but this time instead of being assigned random characters, you get to pick your own team of 8 characters. This is a very large improvement to not knowing who or what will spawn.

The last mode is one I wasn’t able to unlock, but it was called “solo.” I can imagine that this would be along the same lines as the previous two modes, but instead of 88 randomly assigned heroes, or your own handpicked team of 8, you would likely get to pick one hero and run the gauntlet of 88 levels with that hero, and that hero alone. So, choose wisely.



Overall, I greatly enjoyed 88 Heroes. When it releases in March, I would recommend picking it up. It’s very easy to lose track of time and dump (88) hours of gameplay into it. The game wasn’t overly frustrating and has its moments where you would need to pause and just have a good laugh.

88 Heroes is due to launch in late March on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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