Star Wars Battlefront: Free DLC coming?

In a video released yesterday by EA Brazil, the publisher talked about the upcoming free content in more details. According to translation by Wccftech and Reddit userExsound, new content includes a new map set on Tatooine and new outfits for Luke and Leia.

Private matches – a fan-requested feature, daily challenges, and special community events were also mentioned.

Teaching an Old DOOM New Tricks is featuring a new hub with loads of information on a retro classic coming back with a bang… DOOM! The latest update features a short video highlighting the elements in DOOM that, ironically, revolutionize modern shooters. I highly recommend giving this a watch if you haven’t been keeping up …

360 service to be left on

A recent Twitter inquiry  about rumors as to whether the 360 will have its support turned off this year or not received a response from  Phil Spencer. “Not true” In 2013, Microsoft marketing exec, Yusuf Mehdi had said that support for the 360 would continue for at least another three …

Batman v Superman new clip!

Check out the new extended clip that we have seen part of on TV before. This one came out on Conan O’Brien show! The video hasn’t made it way on to youtube yet but you can find it by clicking here to see the video! Update. [youtube]    

Gears 4 release date moved up

Good news for all you Gears of War fans, you may not have to wait until the holiday season of this year to play the next installment of the hit franchise. During a live stream broadcast today, representatives for Microsoft confirmed that Gears 4 may launch earlier than expected, in …

The Division Poll(s)

Ok, guys The Division will be coming soon. I wanted to get the scoop from you guys! Polls below: [polldaddy poll=9251637] [polldaddy poll=9251642] [polldaddy poll=9251646]