What the Heck is a Wardcliff Coil?

You may have been wondering: What in the world was the inspiration behind that strange microphone-shaped rocket launcher in Destiny 2? Well, it’s safe to say the Wardcliff Coil’s design comes from Wardenclyffe Tower A.K.A. Tesla Tower. Built by Nikola Tesla, it was an attempt to prove his experiment, a …

Destiny’s Faction Lore and The Russian Civil War

So I started down a road when researching for one of my latest Lore cards. I’ve been working on these for quite some time and have 90 percent of the armory in Destiny defined. I spend countless hours researching each item and finding their relevance within the world of Destiny.

Arecibo message “where are all the aliens?”

Humans have been trying to contact extraterrestrial life for a very long time now. Our curiosity has driven us to create the most imaginative tools and communications devices. Our insatiable thirst to know the unknown propels us ever forward. We as humans seem to live within the Paradox of finding proof aliens exist and justifying the quest towards insurmountable odds.

Arthurian Legacy and Destiny

King Arthur was a legendary British leader who, still  to this day is debated whether many of the events behind him are fantasy or embellished history. Medieval times, the film industry and even video games (Destiny) have romanticized his legacy,  yet story’s of the King Arthur are mostly folklore.