Star Wars Battlefront: What we know

Hey guys, the Star Wars Battlefront trailer has dropped and boy am I pumped! Feast your eyes on this! [youtube] The game looks absolutely amazing; EA itself tweeted that it will be 60 fps and is featuring the new frostbite engine. The game is suppose to feature a small …

The Division: Guns/Gear and other cool stuff!

Hey guys a really good group of people over at Resolute Gaming (Twitter) have a great thing going with Boomslangg_ (Twitter) covering some Division information/discussion. I linked their YouTube videos below.  Check them out! Episode 1 [youtube] Episode 2 [youtube] Glad to have these guys in our community. And …

Keep Fighting! The crucible can be fun!

Hey guys! Here is a short little video I wanted to make for y’all to encourage you to play crucible. It’s tough, its hard, and sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it. BUT it can be fun! [youtube] Remember when in doubt….blow it up! Mulehorn117

How to speed level your new weapons.

Hey guys! I thought I would share my way of speed leveling new weapons. There is one thing that bugs most destiny players and it is the constant grind. So, hopefully this will help you guys out and make the grind a little less than….well… a grind. The Process Things you …

FoG Prime Collective -Thug Life

Hey guys here is another funny video to add to our collection! Enjoy! And word on the street is never take a bathroom break while running Vault of Glass with us. 🙂 [youtube] When in doubt blow it up! Mulehorn117