The Division: Exclusive walk through video

Hey everyone! Thy guys working on The Division gave us a video the other day about an exclusive game play walk through! Tom Clancy’s The Division releases March 8, 2016. Enjoy! [youtube] When in doubt….blow it up! Mulehorn117

Halo 5: Guardians Trailers and videos

Hey Halo finally dropped yesterday at E3! I recommend all of you Halo fans follow Halo Follower on twitter! He has so much good Halo info! Here are a few of his videos! Enjoy! [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] When in doubt blow it up! Mulehorn117

Star Wars Battlefront Trailers from E3

Hey guys here is the trailers that dropped on E3! This game looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy! [youtube] [youtube] When in doubt blow it up! Mulehorn117

Destiny: House of wolves first bounties!

Hey guys here is my and some Prime Collective clansman running the first bounties! Enjoy! Update: key locations [youtube] Some quick tips. Use all arc damage weapons You can drop the cannon but it will disappear after a while blow crap up! Chest is timed so look for a …