Spider-Man to Join the Ranks of Avengers: Infinity War

Spider-Man was assumed to be among the many¬†heroes that Marvel would unveil for the ambitious Marvel Cinematic Universe project that is two-part Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War,¬†oddly until earlier this week he was absent from the Super-Star line up. Though with the passing month’s and the ever expanding cast list …

The Last Guardian Review

The Last Guardian, a game that was originally announced for the PS3 back in February 2007 in an article from Famitsu, almost ten years later is finally here. The big question, and one I hope to answer in this review: Was ten years long enough?

Myths About Getting into Comic Books

Myths about getting into comic books, there are many of them, and with the large increase in Super Hero movies and TV shows being released regularly, the curiosity towards comics is constantly growing. Even so there are somethings that overwhelm and distract people from diving into the world of the paper backs.