Pax South: Day 1

When entering the Gonzalez Convention center one word comes to mind, Massive. The sheer awe of its size can be somewhat intimidating. I was told to be prepared for a crowd, but nothing to could prepare me for the Disney World like feel this had.

PAX South: Expect the Unexpected

Humbled. That was my first thought when I received my email from PAX South to say that I could be media for their show in San Antonio. I had never been to any large expo before. A lot of things run through your head: “What do I pack?”, “how do …

Building a community amongst the high seas

Emma Bridle is a Social Media Manager at Rare and has an amazing opportunity. The company has been reinventing themselves over the last few years. They are known for not only having a fantastic back catalog, but also their intense secrecy. However, that is beginning to change. Starting with Rare …

Flipping the Switch: Nintendo blurring gamer labels

Have you ever experienced the moment where you can’t find a Gaurdian, or matchmaking takes forerver? Me to! It’s in these times that great conversation and what if’s come about. This got me to thinking, there appears to be a toxicity level in gaming these days. A gamer is defined …

A Rare look at Sea of Thieves

In life opportunities present themselves and we have a choice: take a chance and see the possibilities, or do nothing and dream about them. In Sea of Thieves being able to earn this treasure is hard. One gamer was able to fight through the swash buckling and find something that was truly Rare.

Reviews: Not as simple as ABC

When I was growing up grades were how you were measured academically, and the way in which you obtained them was objective based. Teacher gives out information, student studies information, student regurgitates information. We are trained at an early age that these grades are an indication of how you are doing and if you are “good enough”.