Creepy TV for Halloween

The Halloween season is upon us once again. This time of year I get the same itch – I want to be scared. But that’s not so easily achieved these days. This old brain is a bit harder to trick. I usually laugh my way through Haunted Houses anymore. If only …

Preview: Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

From the studio that brought us the classic Killzone series on PS3, comes their new IP Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s set in a pseudo post-apocalyptic world overrun by machines. The story focuses on the character Aloy who’s been sheltered for most of her life. Curious of what she’s been missing, she sets out to discover the world around her

Rise of Iron Review, Good or Great?

Three weeks have passed since the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron.  The new story missions, Wrath of the Machine raid, Trials, and Iron Banner are all available for exploration, conquest and review.  After playtime with the new content it is safe to say Destiny: Rise of Iron is a good …

Firewatch is coming to Xbox One

Firewatch is back in the news this week with a release to Xbox One. Originally released on February 9th of this year to PS4 and PC, Firewatch is coming to Xbox One on September 21st and will include an audio tour and free roam mode, neither of which were available …

Reviews: Not as simple as ABC

When I was growing up grades were how you were measured academically, and the way in which you obtained them was objective based. Teacher gives out information, student studies information, student regurgitates information. We are trained at an early age that these grades are an indication of how you are doing and if you are “good enough”.

Relating To The Real World With Gaming

When I look back on my life and gaming I find it humorous sometimes—where gaming has been and where it’s going. How do you explain to your grandmother you play a video game for people on tv (twitch)? The usually response is either, “What?” or “You need a real job”. What’s even crazier is to think that 10 years ago there was no e-commerce jobs, or twitch tv, or streaming. Gaming wasn’t near as social as it is now, and the trend is only becoming more so. Clans, group chats, twitter, and Facebook; it’s all connecting more and more people around the world.

Halo 5 gets Firefight, & a bunch of other stuff! (Come at me bro)

Hey Bros, its RYNO. Aboard the hype train lie Spartan travelers, such as me, full steam ahead into DLC. As we go screaming down the tracks into more and more exciting new content “Lets reflect.” Check out all the content Halo has been rewarding us with: WEAPONS, VEHICLES, MAPS, and GAME VARIENTS. 343 has been feeding the community tons of content and we Spartans have been ferociously devouring it. Most importantly for FREE! Check out what we have acquired so far.

The Division Weather Report & Shooting Rats

I wanted to share a little more about my experience with the environment in TCTD. My primary target  audience is those people who didn’t have a chance to participate in the beta. Those of you that did, I’d love to hear comments on your similar experiences and definitely on things …

The Division Closed Beta Impressions: Round 2

The gang here at Mulehorn Gaming has put together our thoughts and impressions on key elements of Tom Clancy’s The Division closed beta. Read them all for a full spectrum of opinions based on each of our unique gaming backgrounds, or scroll through and find the opinion of your favorite …