My PVP Hunter set up for Destiny

Hey guys! I know some people are pve only players. I know sometimes pvp can get pretty discouraging, so I hope the below video helps you guys out. Specially those that would like to drip their toe more into the crucible. [youtube] Hope that helps! And when in doubt…..blow …

How to cheese Eris Bounties every day

Hey everyone! So, I have found the perfect way to get your Eris bounties/rank up super fast. I have only been doing this about a week and a half and I’m almost a rank 3. I don’t know why but I never did the Eris bounties. Just didn’t like trying …

Black Hammer Review part 2

Hey guys here is the final review of Black Hammer now that I have it fully upgraded. In the video you can see how it is a total boss! Enjoy! [youtube] Remember when in doubt….blow it up! Mulehorn117

FoG Prime Collective Game play

Hey guys here is a little video of how we did Crota’s End as a team. The last five minutes of the battle are posted below! Enjoy! [youtube] And remember when in doubt….blow it up! Mulehorn117