The Division Closed Beta Impressions: Round 1

The gang here at Mulehorn Gaming has put together our thoughts and impressions on key elements of Tom Clancy’s The Division closed beta. Read them all for a full spectrum of opinions based on each of our unique gaming backgrounds, or scroll through and find the opinion of your favorite MHG contributors. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below!


Hi guys RYNO here. I am an active member of the and we have the most beautiful works of art created daily on our site. Most of us have never even had training in many of the crafts or skills that are used on our site daily. Many of us are …

The Mules Invade PAX South

Well, guys, here we are. The mules final got to go to their first Pax event. Thaddeus Prime and Mulehorn117 invaded San Antonio. There was no mulebaggin but did find this one picture in our room rather humorous. I don’t know if this is a real person’s name or…..?

Small Streamer Spotlight #3 – StarFauxe

Ahoy guardians! Welcome back. This is small streamer spotlight #3 with mister StarFauxe. Let’s dive right in… McS: So tell me a little bit about yourself, give me some background. SF: Well I live in Southern California currently. I’m a college graduate with a degree in History and Clinical Psychology. …

Manifest Destiny

Ahoy guardians! I wanted to take this time to speak my final piece regarding Destiny. I know this is a dead horse that’s been beaten so much it’s practically glue at this point. However, I have been stewing on a lot of feelings and opinions about what’s going on recently …

Mulefriends: The Division Forums

The place to be for all your Tom Clancy’s The Division discussion. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and safe environment for agents of all walks of life. Come and talk The Division, meet fellow players, and even win some cool stuff in our monthly giveaways. We provide a central hub for all platforms, Xbox, PS4, and PC, so no matter what console you play on you’ll find others to join in with. Hope too see you soon agents.

Small Streamer Spotlight #2 – DeeJGjallarhorn

Ahoy guardians! Welcome back, this is my small streamer spotlight #2 and this week I have DeejGjallarhorn. Let’s dive right in… McS: So tell me a little about yourself. DG: My name is Noahboy88, but you can call me DeeJ’s Gjally or Noah is fine. I’m 17 years old I …

Mulefriends: Marriedtoxbox !!

Emma and Craig make up Xbox lives’ premier gaming couple MarriedtoXbox. Playing an eclectic collection of games ranging from cutesy platformers to ultra gory fighters, MarriedtoXbox want to invite you to come and play at our house, find some common gaming ground and watch us get excited like children faced with too many sweets as we play Xbox.

Mulefriends: NJOY Over 9000

Team NJOY Over 9000 (FoG Over 9000 in Destiny) is all about gaming with friends at a high level. We are a small group of Xbox IRL friends & gamers from UK, Canada, and Americas that came together through Destiny and the Destiny Community. ​ We like to give back …