Overwatch Top 5 Plays Week 6 – Tick Tock

Playing with friends and making top 5 plays, that is how i started out this series. Now in week 6 we are still going strong, sometimes challenging to fill up the videos, but thanks to the Mulehorngaming community it gets better each week! Please enjoy this weeks top 5 plays, and …

Dan Bull brings the Epic Rap to Overwatch!

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Bull’s Epic Rap videos on games.  He is always entertaining with the talent he puts into his vids, and his subscribers and views show for it.  Dan brings yet another awesome Epic Rap song to the masses. This time for one of my favorite …

Interview with a “Real Iron Man”

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful sites in the world.  A magnificent place with some miraculous terrain capable of creating the Great Divide. A massive range which runs parallel to the coast of Queensland, New South Wales and much of Victoria.  Australia is also surrounded by Pacific ocean and …

MHG Our Podcast Setup Cheat Sheet

This video will hopefully help all you podcasters out there, or even those who are thinking about doing a podcast. So, buckle up and have a look inside the Mulehorn Gaming Podcast. Our podcast setup cheat sheet if you will. In this video I hope to give you tips on …

Community Spotlight: ZombieCupKake

Mule: Alright Zombie you have to start out by telling us how you got that Gamer Tag?

Zombie: Haha, well I have had my gamertag for like seven years. I made it up when I started with xbox live, and just stuck with it. I love zombies, and cupcakes so I just smooshed them together. I know it sounds super yummeh!

Mule: Who doesn’t love cupcakes!? So tell us a little about yourself. How did you got into gaming? What is your gamer history?

Zombie: I have been gaming since forever. I remember as a kid playing Zelda; the old as dirt version that was the shiny gold cartridge. Yes I said cartridge, and yes it’s been that long. Never stopped. Gaming helps me decompress and release stress. And I love it.

Reviews: Not as simple as ABC

When I was growing up grades were how you were measured academically, and the way in which you obtained them was objective based. Teacher gives out information, student studies information, student regurgitates information. We are trained at an early age that these grades are an indication of how you are doing and if you are “good enough”.

MHG Promo videos!

Hey guys! I have been trying to get back into making some youtube videos. So, I want to take this moment to ask you in the community what you want to see in video’s we would make at MHG? Leave a comment for us and give us your insight! Enjoy …

Relating To The Real World With Gaming

When I look back on my life and gaming I find it humorous sometimes—where gaming has been and where it’s going. How do you explain to your grandmother you play a video game for people on tv (twitch)? The usually response is either, “What?” or “You need a real job”. What’s even crazier is to think that 10 years ago there was no e-commerce jobs, or twitch tv, or streaming. Gaming wasn’t near as social as it is now, and the trend is only becoming more so. Clans, group chats, twitter, and Facebook; it’s all connecting more and more people around the world.

Small Streamer Spotlight #5 – Laurapocalyptic 

Ahoy guardians! Welcome back to the Small Streamer Spotlight. I had some personal matters to attend to so this segment was absent the last couple of weekends but it’s back now and it’s a good one. This week I have the awesome Laurapocalyptic so let’s get started… McS: So Ms …

Halo 5 gets Firefight, & a bunch of other stuff! (Come at me bro)

Hey Bros, its RYNO. Aboard the hype train lie Spartan travelers, such as me, full steam ahead into DLC. As we go screaming down the tracks into more and more exciting new content “Lets reflect.” Check out all the content Halo has been rewarding us with: WEAPONS, VEHICLES, MAPS, and GAME VARIENTS. 343 has been feeding the community tons of content and we Spartans have been ferociously devouring it. Most importantly for FREE! Check out what we have acquired so far.