Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Review In Process

It is finally here, and I can finally talk about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I first found out about this game from one of contributors DuroNL.  After his initial interview with US Community Manager Rick, the game really caught my eye. While the MHG team and I were at Pax South 2018, we got a chance to sit down with Rick and really talk about the game. Needless to say, I am very happy to have found out about this game.

kingdom come deliverance


The story takes place in 1403 CE as war breaks out in Bohemia. We get to play as Henry, a blacksmith’s son, as we watch a horde pillage Skalitz with Henry being one of the only survivors.  Henry sets out on a quest of righteous revenge. As you go through the story you join in service of Lord Radzig Kobyla, who leads a movement again Sigismund’s invasion.

There is no multiplayer in this game so any single player purest will love this game. There is lots, and I mean lots, to do and see. I spent about 3 hours in the game before finishing the prologue. This is of course for my own Mulehorn-Jenkins style. The game does not let you just glide through it. You have to make serious choices and you live with those choices as the story plays out. I learned this pretty quickly on and took my choices and gameplay to another level. Choice mattering really added to the immersion I experienced in the game and made them that much more weighty.

Let’s talk about the storytelling as well. It is wonderful and refreshing. And talk about being hit in the feels. There are so many moments, even early on, that I felt like I was becoming more and more attached to Henry and his story.  The realism is a nice change of pace and shows through hunger, fatigue if you have not slept, and in one instance as I played a fist fight it leaves marks that don’t just magically disappear when you are bandaged up. I was a little worried how the realism would work and if it would bog down the story or not. So far to my delight it has not. The game has been paced enough to keep even my ADHD gamer attention. The story is simply put, intriguing. I found myself rooting for Henry and really just wanting him to kick some ass.


Having played both on PC and Xbox I can tell you both offer visuals that are pleasing to the eye and help build an immersive experience. Not only that but the sound effects, even just for the streams, keep me focused on the game. I know I keep saying that but for an RPG like this, that is the best way I know how to put it. I feel such an attachment to the player, the choices, and the environment and this is a job well done by Warhorse Studios. There are a few things I noticed like clothing or hair not rendering properly, but this is not the normal experience I had while playing. Overall, I have to say the scenery was fantastic and there are moments I felt the dread and helpless feelings that Henry must have felt.

Gameplay Mechanics

The only thing that took a little getting used to was the combat mechanics. In the first 3 hours of my game, I died 3 different times. Part of this was having to get used to using the combat star.  Some of you might be asking what this star icon is.  The combat star is an icon that will show up while in combat. It gives you directions of attack so that you can maximize damage and bypass your foe’s defenses.

I blame part of this in my Leroy Jenkins like attitude, in the beginning, trying to rush through some of the prompts. But it does take some skill to master. You can’t just hack away at people. You use stamina and have to really pick your fight with your opponent. This is your father’s RPG. You have to think through both your choices and your fights. This may be the only turn off for some of you thinking of picking up the game, but like I stated earlier, once I learned how to operate the fighting mechanics I felt right at home with the flavor of the game. It was very gratifying to pull out my father’s sword and mercy kill a person I saw looting bodies from my old hometown. I also loved the fact that if I fought someone or got injured that, as I stated before, those bumps and bruises didn’t just magically disappear. While interacting with characters in the town I could see my face still bearing the marks of my first fight. But as the movie, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail says, “I got better”.

Final Thoughts

This is my review in progress. I have not completed the game yet as it was only just released, but as many of you that know me know I am an FPS guy. I do love me some story-driven RPG games but seldom finish them. Games like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Assassin’s Creed Origins. The only game that I have completed out of all those is Skyrim if that tells you how long it takes me to “come back” to an open world RPG game. If a game can’t keep my attention I am usually back to playing Overwatch, PUBG, or trying to finish up my playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn. This game, however, has my full attention. I am absolutely intrigued by the story and finding out more about Henry and his “story”. Who was his father, and who will I make Henry out to be with my choices. Just the thought that I have to live with my choices and can’t change added so much weight to my time playing the game. The storytelling has just grabbed me. I want to know more, and I want to see how the story ends. I can’t wait to get some more time in this game.

Throw in the beautiful scenery and we have a winner on our hands. The only thing that took me a while to adjust to is the combat. Within the first 3 hours of gameplay, I had died three times. One time while trying to get in a fist fight and not wanting to tuck tail and run. The other two getting shot by bows while riding away from the attack on Skalitz. Once I got used to the fighting and how to fight it was not as big of an issue for me. But there is a learning curve. Overall, this is a beautiful game with some fantastic storytelling. As real of a real-life RPG as it can get. Great job Warhorse Studio. I give my early thoughts as 8.9 out of 10. Now, if you don’t mine, I am going back to playing the game.

 For more check out the live podcast from Pax South 2018 where we talked with US Community Manager Rick more about the game!

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