Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Interview with US Community Manager Rick Lagnese

If you have not heard, there is a hot new RPG coming out in less than a month called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This action role playing video game is being developed by Warhorse Studios based in Prague, Czech Republic. Set in the medieval era in the Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, we play as a blacksmith’s son, Henry, seeking revenge for the murder of his family.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

We had a chance to sit down with Warhorse Games’ US Community Manager, Rick Lagnese at PAX South ’18. We talked at length about some of the RPG elements and combat for the upcoming title, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Based in the medieval era, we get to play as a blacksmith’s son who sees his family murdered before his own eyes. The game tells a story of revenge, utilizing historical accuracy and realistic gameplay. Rick goes on to explain how each story can play out differently depending on the choices players make. Will you try to talk down an aggressor, or will your decisions lead to a massive battle?


The combat is as realistic as it comes. Warhorse Studios hired professional fighters trained in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). Using motion capture, they’ve created one of the most realistic forms of combat seen yet. Armor is also very important, as dressing for the occasion will put you on the path to success. Wear something light for sneaking around, and strap on more protection if a conflict is inevitable. Did you remember to put your visor down to protect the eyes? Good.

For more on the upcoming game, watch our interview with Rick at Pax South 2018.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to release February 13, 2018 on Steam, Xbox, and PS4.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Treasures of the Past

If you pre-order you can also receive the Treasures of the Past bonus map pack which includes trails to unique, new armor for Henry.

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