NES Maker at PAX South – Make Your NES Game, No Coding Required

While we were working our way around the main exhibit hall at PAX South, we obtained an excellent interview when we ran into our friend Joe Granato IV in the NES Maker booth.  The man is inspirational as he seems to function on pure passion, using his excitement and body language to move around his booth to show us the tools of the NES Maker.

Realize Your Childhood Dream, or Make a New One

The Kickstarter for this project just launched, and it’s already gaining traction. The software and hardware allows you to make your own 8-bit game (without having to write any code) and put it on an actual Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge. During the interview, Joe gives us an excellent example by deconstructing his booth-neighbor’s game, Sleep Tight by We Are Fuzzy, and making his own 8-bit version of the game.

I also went to the late night screening of his movie, “The New 8 Bit Heroes” (the documentary is the inspiration for the NES Maker). Afterwards, I proceeded to follow him and a group of viewers to the nearest bar to continue the Q&A that was cut short by being kicked out of the convention center due to it being so late. The allure of Joe’s passion and enthusiasm was still gleaming as the intimate group continued to discuss the NES Maker over drinks.

NES Maker at PAX South - Make Your NES Game, No Coding Required


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August (Draco)

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