Black Lightning Arrives on January 16th!

Are you excited for another superhero TV show? Well, I hope so, since Black Lightning will be arriving on the CW soon. How soon? You will be able to check out the new CW show on January 16th, 2018! And, a new trailer has just arrived. Check it out below!



Family Fights Back!


Using the slogan, “Family Fights Back,” we should get to see how Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) will interact with his family. It also appears that his daughters are in some sort of trouble, and he will be trying to rescue them from someone or something. Guess we will see more once the show airs in a couple of weeks!



Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below! And, you can let us know what you think of the DC shows on the CW, or the Marvel shows on Netflix. More interested in what our thoughts were on gaming in 2017? Then check out our Roundtable Review here. Maybe you are more into documentaries instead of action shows? Fine, you can check out how tough it was to make a NES game by watching the New 8-Bit Heroes right here. Can’t wait to hear from you all in 2018!

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