Rocket League on Nintendo Switch & Switch Exclusive Cars

Rocket League by Psyonix is finally out for the Nintendo Switch, and it is a must buy for any Rocket League enthusiast and/or Switch owner. Of course the game doesn’t have the same graphics quality that it does on the Xbox One, Playststion 4, or PC because, let’s face it, the Switch just doesn’t have the power, but the game is still the same old rocket boosting, wall driving, goal smashing Rocket League we all know and love.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Psyonix

This is the third time that I’ve purchased Rocket League, and I do not regret it at all. As soon as I saw game play when Rocket League was first announced, I had to play, so I bought it for my laptop on Steam. Then, I knew I had to get it on the Xbox so I could play with all of my friends, and now I had to get it for the Switch so I could play on the go.
For those of you who don’t know what Rocket League is, it’s soccer using rocket-powered cars. While a very simple concept, the aerial acrobatics that people have learned to pull off using the mechanics of the game can be down right astounding.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch

That being said, one thing may put some Switch owners at a disadvantage. Until matchmaking levels itself out, there will be first-time players clashing up against seasoned veterans whom have been playing for over two years. Throughout my Rocket League career, I have witnessed “rookies” pulling off stunt shots that I never would have dreamed of back in 2015 when I first started playing. As I mentioned before though, since I’ve played ever release of Rocket League within the first twenty four hours of launch, I don’t think this imbalance will be a problem for long as the matchmaking will settle out in time.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Psyonix

As I loaded up Rocket League, I was again reminded of the awesome soundtrack and I discovered that I already had a few little gems unlocked. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, the Mario and Luigi battle cars and their matching hat toppers seemed like a great first purchase! Equipped with a power star rocket trail and the original Super Mario jump sound effects, it’s a perfect nod to Nintendo fans. The loot system is the same as it has been with random items dropping after each match. I was even able to unlock the new Metroid battle car which looks like Samus’ Gunship.

In handheld mode the graphics take a pretty big hit, but the game play so far has been as smooth as any other iteration of Rocket League. Being able to have it on a mobile console more than makes up for it. The controls are also just as crisp with the joycons as with a controller, but I love using my pro controller when I can. In docked mode, as far as the view from my couch goes, I barely notice the difference between the Switch and Xbox version during games.

This is Rocket League, Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. Another AAA title is giving Nintendo the next foothold on the climb up to hang with the big boys. At $19.99 on the Nintendo Store, Rocket League will be an excellent addition to your Switch’s Library.


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