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I don’t know about you, but I have been ready for the Justice League movie since the old cartoon series. Seeing some of the biggest DC characters on the big screen at the same time makes the little kid in me light up. But, you may not know a whole lot about some of these characters. So, we are here to give you a little bit of that information. Let’s get started with Cyborg!

Victor Stone, known as Cyborg, is most recognized for his time as a Teen Titan. He first debuted in “DC Comics Presents #26” in 1980. Most technology-based heroes where suits of armor, laced with upgraded A.I. to help them in combat. Cyborg, however, bridges the gap as he is half man, half machine. Let’s take a closer look at his powers, his latest origin story, and what he is currently up to in the comics.

Powers and Abilities

Obviously, Cyborg’s powers come from his mechanically-enhanced body, which is more durable than a normal human’s. And, he can create weaponry at will. Victor’s most famous weapon is his “White Sound Blaster.” He uses this at various settings to stun his foes, or deliver concentrated blasts powerful enough to shatter rock or even deform steel. Cyborg’s mechanical body, allows him to fly, and gives him super strength. Perhaps his greatest power is his ability to connect to any computer on Earth. No firewall is capable of keeping him out. Because of this ability, Cyborg has been able to absorb Boom Tube technology. This gives him the ability to teleport himself, and others, around. These abilities set him apart from the other heroes in the DC Universe.

Justice League's Cyborg stands to protect everyone.
Cyborg stands with the rest of the Justice League

New 52 Origin Story

In the 2011 reset of the DC Universe, known as the New 52 relaunch, Victor Stone appears as a high school football star. Silas Stone, Victor’s father, has been busy working on a Mother Box that Superman came in contact with. This causes Silas to miss Victor’s biggest game, which causes an argument between the two. During the argument, the Mother Box explodes, killing the other scientists and destroying most of his son’s body. Silas does everything he can to keep Victor alive. After using the resources available, Vic’s life is saved and the energy from the Mother Box turns him into the Cyborg we know. The Mother Box data gives Cyborg Darkseid’s true invasion plans, which gives him the key to helping the other superheroes. This is just a taste of the beginning of Cyborg’s journey. If you want to read more, then grab the early issues of the New 52 Justice League.

Currently in the Comics

Cyborg current solo series recently began a new arc. The arc is called “Wretched of the Earth”, and begins with Cyborg on a scientific mission in Africa. During the exploratory mission, Victor encounters an ancient magic. The local warlord warns him of the dangerous magic he has encountered, and how the consequences will be unexpected and troublesome.  Check out DC’s Rebirth for more on this story line, and the previous stories featuring Cyborg.

Cyborg has come a long way since being a member of the Teen Titans. Standing with the Justice League on the big screen will be a sight to see, and I am hoping that the movie exceeds expectations. If you want to know more about Cyborg, then take some time and read some of his comics. Plus, you’ll be able to tell your friends all about the human turned computer when you go and check out the Justice League movie. Just be sure to yell “Boo-yah!” when he appears on screen.

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