Shadow of War Orc Story – Thrak Lucky Shot

Thrak Lucky Shot is the subject of my next Shadow of War Orc Story. Thrak was the Overlord of the Cirith Ungol fortress. We met one time prior to this story, where he defeated me and was able to rise to become an Overlord. This is the story of my interactions with him.

Fortress Assault

Thrak was the Overlord of the fortress in Cirith Ungol, which is the second area you visit in the game. Attacking a fortress is not something that should be done without preparation in Shadow of War. Each fortress is overseen by an Overlord who has several War Chiefs manning the defenses. By killing or dominating these War Chiefs you disable the defenses they controlled for the fortress. When you are ready to assault the fotress, you assemble your dominated captains and purchase upgrades for the fight. These upgrades range from siege weapons to extra units to help take the fortress.

The assault on the fortress in Cirith Ungol went quickly. My captains and I captured the three areas quickly and I headed into the throne room.

The Throne Room

I entered the throne room to challenge Thrak and his minions. Not only was I cut off from my support, but the room had to contend with a floor that had poison gas traps.The fight was not easy. I was able to knock Thark off of his Dire Caragor, but ended up being trapped near the back of the room. Eventually, I succumbed to poison from one of the traps and Thrak was able to finish me off.

Second Assault

When I returned to the fortress, I came in more prepared. Also, I did not need to go through the entire assault again. The battle started right with the Overlord fight. This time I made sure some of my skills had poison effects since that was one of Thrak’s weaknesses. I also made sure to move around the room more and lure Thrak into some of the poison traps. The battle went much better this time and I was able to defeat Thrak.

After Thrak’s death, I rallied the troops of my new fortress.

With Thrak defeated, I am now in the process of recruiting more Captains and making them stronger to defend against others trying to assault the fortress. What are some of the unique encounters you have had in Shadow of War? Sound off in the comments.

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