Star Wars Battlefront II Villains Revealed – Emperor Palpatine And Bossk

As EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II roles closer and closer to the release date, the slow trickle of information continues to flow. EA is slowly show casing the heroes and villains for Battlefront II, and now they are showing off Emperor Palatine and Bossk.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine ruled the Galactic Empire causing all who came into his presence to tremble with fear. Fear of his ULTIMATE POWER! Emperor Palpatine makes his way back into Star Wars Battlefront II, because it wouldn’t be Star Wars without the Emperor right?  This time the Emperor has some new abilities mixed with some very familiar ones.

  • Chain Lightning: Force lightning strikes a target and then spreads to hit other nearby enemies.
  • Dark Aura: The area around The Emperor is charged with Force energy, damaging and slowing foes.
  • Electrocute: Palpatine immobilizes enemies in front of him with electrical energy.

That Dark Aura looks nasty!

Star Wars Battlefront II Bossk

A notorious bounty hunter, Bossk, makes his way back as well. Bossk, does not fight for a cause, but just to get some credits. Below are his listed abilities.

  • Dioxis Grenade: Grenade that releases a cloud of poison gas.
  • Predator Instincts: Bossk gains heat vision and enhanced strength as he loads high-damage micro grenades.
  • Proximity Mines: Three sticky mines that detonate on command.

This go around Bossk’s proximity mines look to be way more powerful than in Battlefront I. Can you say explosions? Bossk has plenty of them.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases on November 17, 2017 but you can play it early with EA Access


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