Shadow of War Orc Stories – Pash Frog-Blood

This is the first in a series I am dubbing Shadow of War Orc Stories. In this series I will relate some of the more memorable stories from my interactions with orcs in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. For the first story, meet Pash Frog-Blood. I met him early in Act I and this is his story.

First Meeting

I first met Pash while hunting captains early in the game and decided to try my luck taking him out. This did not go quite as planned as a second captain showed up to ruin my fun, Shag the Carver.

My battle with Pash and his poison arrows had already taken its toll, so the addition of Shag was not something I was happy about. After a little fighting, this happened…

Shag had me on the ropes, but I was able to save myself from death the first time. Right after getting up, he unleashed a devastating attack that had me close to death. Luckily, Forthog Orc-Slayer came to my rescue and killed Shag. After Forthog killed Shag, Pash fled and lived to fight another day.

Having Forthog come to my rescue was a really cool moment since Forthog was added to the game for free to honor Michael Forgey, a developer who died during development. Originally, Monolith was going to release paid DLC for him with all of the proceeds going to the Forgey family. Due to some restrictions, the money from purchases outside of the U.S. (and some U.S. states) would not be able to be nodded to the Forgey family. After these restrictions were discovered, Monolith released the DLC for free for everyone and made a donation to the family.

A Final Meeting

A little time passed and, as I was fighting another captain, Pash returned.

Another fight ensues, but again Pash decides to run. I decided that I did not want him to get away again, so pursued him and finally ended things.

Pash was a fun opponent, but could not stand up to the Gravewalker.

More Orc Stories

This is just one of the many little, unique stories that can be found in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. So far, these are some of my favorite moments in Shadow of War. I have have had death defying orcs keep coming back to try to kill me, body-guards turn on me and attack, and other fun encounters in the game.

What are some of your favorite Orc Stories? Sound off in the comments.

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