Destiny 2 – A Week One Review

Destiny 2 released on September 6, 2017, and since then millions of guardians have looted new planets, discovered new (and old) exotics, and regained their light. While compliments are abound, and criticisms are blessedly few (‘shader-gate’ being one of the largest complaints) we have not had much time to experience the end-game, and there is still a raid to explore. This review explores the highs and lows of our first week in Destiny 2.

Note: I have completed the campaign, reached max level, and boosted my power to 275. With a few Nightfalls under my belt, a couple of cool exotics obtained, more hours logged than I care to admit, and a quick first look at the Leviathan Raid I offer a first week review of the new world of Destiny 2. You can expect a fuller review once we get through the raid and catch up with the Trials of the Nine. 

Our First Few Moments

Destiny 2 Guardians

The first thing Destiny 1 players will see when logging in is a series of Memories from their proudest moments, including your fireteam list. These Memories were great for most players to look back at the many endgame experiences completed. For some, these are happy memories with good friends. For others, it may be more of a “who the heck are these people” or “I forgot I played with that person.” Either way, the intro paved the way for an amazing campaign which took us from the ground up. Ultimately, the story was infinitely better than Destiny 1’s offering; However, many people felt that Ghaul didn’t end up being quite the boss we deserved in the end.

Exploring, Looting, and Shooting

Destiny 2 Hunter Taken

Exploring in Destiny 2 leads guardians to beautiful new worlds. Nessus offers a sassy new AI NPC, Failsafe, who you either love or hate. It’s a very vertical space, and lends itself well to those who want to explore or take in some gorgeous scenery. Exploring Nessus fully will also unlock important lore and is host to a few exotic quests (trust me, you want to get this loot). Of all the planets, my fireteam spent the most time on Nessus, and in the European Dead Zone. Titan has a lot to do and Io has its own little quirks. Take time to explore them all. Leveling up to max power (currently found to be 305) is easy if you focus on Call to Arms (public events), especially if you activate the heroic versions.

Destiny 1 was particularly known for its great gun play. The gun play in Destiny 2 still feels great, and the sound design is excellent. Feedback from these early days of The Crucible show a few key weapons rising to the top. Auto rifles are strong, hand cannons feel good, and the new weapon system (kinetic, energy, and power) is being received well by most players. Weapons now drop with static rolls and, so far, this seems to work well. Weapons can be modified through rare and legendary mods to change the elemental damage or add damage to kinetic weapons. Similarly, armor can be modified to add reload speed, improve certain stats (mobility, resilience, etc.). Check out Datto’s video on mods for some important information on using these valuable augmentations.

A More Comfortable Destiny

Destiny 2 Arcstrider

Overall, Destiny 2 makes major quality of life improvements which make your experience much more enjoyable. It seems like Bungie wants people to have things to grind for, but also wants everyone to be able to enjoy the game, no matter how often they get to play. Many players are looking forward to the Guided Games feature which allows more people to join clans and experience Destiny’s endgame. Guided Games will include the Leviathan raid, which is a fresh take on the old Destiny 1 raid style. If you are interested in the lore leading up to the raid, check out MyNameIsByf’s video (raid spoiler free).

One common complaint is related to the inconsistent fireteam size. While the four-person fireteam for The Crucible feels good, going from a PvP fireteam of four to a PvE fireteam of three can be awkward. Kicking one member out or always playing with a ‘blueberry’ can be frustrating and is something Bungie should look at moving forward.

Next Steps

Bungie’s road map for the month gives us a lot to look forward to. We will see what loot the raid can offer. Those with the skills will explore Trials of the Nine and we will find out what ‘flawless’ looks like in Destiny 2. The honorable sherpas among us will be hosting Guided Games, and there will even be a Faction Rally (theories abound!). We also have whispers of a future date with the infamous Osiris. With a beautiful game in front of us and much more content ahead, it is a good time to be a guardian.


What are your thoughts on Destiny 2? Have you been enjoying the game? Check out our Destiny landing page for more content! What are you most excited for on Bungie’s road map? Sound off in the comments!