Halftone Hero Podcast Ep. 3 – Ominous…

We are clear for take off… Ep. 3 of the Halftone Hero! Hear Derek rant about the Secret Empire Marvel event and Jen’s newfound pull in our review pick of Clue #1. We also discuss our mutant, Jean Grey this week.

Welcome back for Episode 3 of the Halftone Hero Podcast!

Join us as we dive into our weekly pulls. This week, we review Edge of Venomverse #1, Teen Titans #9, and Clue #1! We also get you caught up on what’s been going on between the pages of X-Men Blue and inform you on our mutant of the week in our Code-X Segment.

Here’s a sneak peak of this week’s reviews:

Edge of Venomverse #1:

Halftone Hero Podcast Ep. 3 - Ominous... Comic Books Edge of Venomverse

Derek: Not what I was expecting. Unfortunately with this being a prelude to an event instead of being a one-shot-what-if story, I can’t recommend to anyone but the most die hard fans.

Jen: Bizarre story- perhaps in another universe about different parings of the symbiote known as Venom; I wasn’t really sure. Who knows what chaos might ensue, but then again who cares?

Teen Titans #9:

Halftone Hero Podcast Ep. 3 - Ominous... Comic Books Teen Titans

Derek: Fun art and character interactions have me wanting to come back for more Teen Titan action. Little bummed that the big plot point was spoiled early in book by the story title.

Jen: Introducing new players, done well in my opinion. Story of “Who’s my dad? What’s my code name?” This is a tempting read, perhaps not monthly but certainly trade worthy.

Clue #1:

Halftone Hero Podcast Ep. 3 - Ominous... Comic Books Clue

Derek: Unexpectedly fun and humorous read. Creative team are obviously having a blast with this brand. Art has a modernized version of classic comic art. Extra page variations make me want to hunt down the other versions.

Jen: An amazing set up for a twist on a whodunit classic. With a similar feel to the ’85 film but with new characters and clues. Now in my pull list, join us for the next hilarious clue.

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