Rick and Morty Coming to the Rocket League Dimension

Wubba lubba dub dub!!!! Psyonix has just announced the inclusion of Rick and Morty themed items in the Rocket League 2nd Anniversary update, due out July 5th.

Rick and Morty, everyone’s favorite corrupted dimension-hopping duo, pay a visit to Rocket League bringing all kinds of new swag for you to desecrate, errr decorate, your cars with. Equip special inter-dimensional wheels, a Morty antenna, or choose from a wide variety of toppers like Mr. Meeseeks (look at me!!!), Mister Poopy Butthole (I love typing that), or the Cromulon (SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!!). You can even get a super sweet rocket trail that looks like everyone’s favorite Moon Man singing cloud from another dimension, broh.

Rick and Morty Coming to the Rocket League Dimension

Items are common drops that will occur after online or offline matches.

So strap in, gear up, and grab your nuggets with that amazing szechuan nugget sauce. Rocket League is about to get schwifty!!

And that’s the waaaaaaaaay the news goes.

(Okay, I’m done now)

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