E3 2017 Press Conference Time Table

E3 is right around the corner and a lot of companies are ready to reveal their upcoming line ups to the audience, if you are confused as to what to watch, where to watch, and when then look no further cause we have the ideal time table for you. Also for our European friends of course!

Electronics Arts

June 10th 2017, 12pm PT, 20:00 UK, 21:00 CEST

On Saturday, June 10, EA immediately flies in with the X-Wing. Electronic Arts has a pile of top games in production. The publisher is the official developer of Star Wars games and the annual sports games like FIFA and Madden NFL. Games we can probably expect: FIFA for the Nintendo Switch, Need for Speed, Star Wars, and a first impression of the game of the original Bioware studio.

Watch the press conference here!


June 11 2017, 2pm PT, 22:00 UK, 23:00 CEST

On Sunday, June 11, you will find out all about Project Scorpio, the newest Xbox console with more than three times the computing power of a standard Xbox One. We crave every little information: the price, the release date, the graphics, and of course the games. What games will Microsoft bring? In addition to Crackdown 3, Sea of ​​Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Forza Motorsport 7.

Watch the press conference here!


June 11 2017, 9pm PT, June 12 05:00 UK, 06:00 CEST

The Bethesda press conference is on Monday, June 12. Since 2015, Bethesda-Zenimax has kept its own press performance and year after year, the top publisher of games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Elder Scrolls and Fallout know how to surprise us with a strong line-up of games. Last year, they already dropped a hint for Wolfenstein New Collosus, so we dare to see it this year.

Watch the press conference here!


June 12 2017, 1pm PT, 20:00 UK, 21:00 CEST

Monday we get to see the performance of Ubisoft. The people of Ubisoft always know how to put the hype on their hand during E3. Last year, they took a break for their most popular franchise ‘Assassin’s Creed’ but this year it’s all back. Our expectation is that the new game will steal the show. And what else? Will We See Beyond Good & Evil 2? Or would Prince of Persia travel to 2018?

Watch the press conference here!


June 12, 6pm PT, June 13 02:00 UK, 03:00 CEST

The last press conference of E3 requires some extra dedication from our European friends because the presentation will take place in the middle of the night for them. Sony PlayStation usually proudly presents versatile games lineups ranging from platform games like Ratchet & Clank to emotional rollercoaster like The Last of Us. Will PlayStation surpass itself once more this year?

Watch the press conference here!


June 13, 9am PT, 17:00 UK, 18:00 CEST

As with previous years, Nintendo opted out of having a traditional E3 press conference. Instead, Nintendo will live stream its Nintendo Switch presentation als known as the “Nintendo Spotlight”. Quickly bump into your smartphone, PC or console to track the performance live. Super Mario Odyssey is undoubtedly on top of our ‘must play’ list. But what do we still want to see from Nintendo? We cross our fingers for Metroid Prime 4. Are we finally getting information about the updated virtual console and what retro favorites are going to find their way to the Switch?

Watch the press conference here!

Join us!

The team over at Mulehorn Gaming will be watching all the press conferences and talk about it in our Discord channel, join in on the fun and the shenanigans as we hype it up together!


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