Shadow of War Gameplay Video – Conquer Mordor

Middle Earth has returned with a sequel to its former adventure, Shadow of Mordor. We also have a fantastic new gameplay video of Shadow of War to dive into, so let’s get to it.

Middle Earth Shadow of War Title

In this video we are shown the improved Nemesis System in Shadow of War. Our world map shows us different regions across Mordor that we can conquer and use to improve our army and destroy Mordor from the inside out. Each has its own generals who have their minions and their own strongholds that hold the key to taking over a specific region.

The Difference This Time Around

Each stronghold has an overlord and several war chiefs that you must defeat in order to gain access to their master and conquer the region. The difference this time is that the war chiefs in a given region have stories of their own rather than being a random enemy simply set to guarding an area, making a unique experience for each and every player. No two games will be alike.

You gained an ability to turn your enemies into your allies in Shadow of Mordor. In fact, the final fight is based around building an orc army to storm the final boss’ lair. In Shadow of War, you can use a new ring of power to do something similar and gain the allegiance of the war chiefs and add them to your army. This will give you more and more advantages and options when storming a stronghold. From mounts that ignore fire damage to sharpshooters sent to infiltrate and sabotage, the list of possibilities seems lengthy indeed.

Middle Earth Shadow of War Overlord

New Advantages in Shadow of War

In Shadow of Mordor, you had the ability to mount and turn various creatures across the land, from carigors to trolls, and each offered opportunities in battle and challenges while facing them in the wild. In Shadow of War, there are new creatures to tame and use against the defenses of the Dark Lord. Carigors return, but being added are drakes who take to the skies and release fire balls down on enemies.

Also added to the new installment is an expanded RPG system. Previously, when you slew an enemy, a power up would drop for either your bow, dagger, or sword. Now, armor drops as well, giving certain perks and buffs including increasing maximum health and immunity to certain properties.

Conquering a Stronghold

After you take over a stronghold, you’re rewarded with experience, loot and a myriad of other goodies. It also acts as a base to train and increase defenses and upgrade powers. In addition, no fortress is complete without someone in charge, so you can pick a new overlord from your army screen to lead the newly conquered region. Each has a perk that allows different defense tactics against the counter attacks from the remaining forces of Mordor.


Middle Earth: Shadow of War is set to release on August 22nd and is currently available for pre-order.

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