New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Arrives with Alien Covenant

“With Aliens you get, Deckard?” Who better to pull that off than Ridley Scott, director of both classic films. When Alien Covenant premiers on May 19th, movie-goers will be treated to the newest Blade Runner 2049 trailer.

New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Arrives with Alien Covenant

Tease Us, Don’t Give it Away

Security on the Blade Runner set and post-production has set new records for secrecy in film making (read about it here). In an age of spoilers-spoiling, it’s refreshing to see a big title not show all its wares like a hooker working a hard corner. That makes this trailer a big deal. Just how much are they going to show us? Will we have any new details about the plot? What actors will they reveal for the first time in-character? Will we know more about the new Blade Runner, “K” as he is called, played by Ryan Gosling? On May 20th – the day after – will we know little more than we do now? If they do it right, the answer will be “No,” or they will give us just enough to make us want to know more and stop there.

New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Arrives with Alien Covenant Ryan Gosling

Ridley Scott Has to Out-Do Ridley Scott

Both of Scott’s 2017 releases have a challenge ahead of them. Alien Covenant needs to make up where its predecessor fell short. Released in 2012, Prometheus was to be a prequel of sorts to the Alien franchise. What started as an intriguing movie with heady, thought-provoking Sci-Fi elements quickly devolved into the typical hum drum monster movie Hollywood keeps shoving down our throats. Based on the Alien Covenant trailers we have seen so far, it looks like we might get more of the same. In fact, elements of it looks frightfully like the original Alien movie. If I want Alien I will watch that, Thank you. I am setting the bar low for Alien Covenant.

The challenge for Blade Runner 2049 is much greater. While the original Blade Runner released with mixed reviews, it stood the test of time. Critics slowly changed their opinion over the years and now consider it one of the great movies of the Sci-Fi genre. Roger Ebert gave it a spot in his “Great Movie Collection.” He discusses his own struggles with the movie at its inception and how his opinion changed over time Here.

Blade Runner is my Itch

Do you have a movie that, every year, you get the itch to watch it again? Blade Runner is my “itch” movie. I can’t get through a year and not revisit Scott’s version of Los Angeles in 2019 AD. The movie reminds me of a special time in my youth. I am reminded of the night my mom drove me and my best friend thirty miles to see it in the theater. I remember the two of us walking out of the theater with our eyes opened to a concept of science fiction previously foreign to us. We went expecting to see Harrison Ford, a.k.a Han Solo/Indiana Jones. What we got was Rick Deckard, and our eyes opened wide to a thinking-man’s vision of the future.

New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Arrives with Alien Covenant Harrison Ford

I still get weepy when Roy talks about “attack ships off the shoulder of Orion” and “memories lost like tears in rain.” So, while I am excited to see the new trailer, I am also almost afraid to look. I want to be sucked into a dystopian future as imaginative and curious as it was thirty-five years ago. But I don’t want the trailer to show it all off 6 months before the movie releases.

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