Pine, An Action Adventure Game on Kickstarter

Pine is an action adventure game in which an intricate game ecology adapts to your actions, inactions and choices. The Game is currently on Kickstarter and is being developed by a small Dutch company who have taken inspiration from the Zelda-Series, Shadows of Mordor and Fable to create their own unique setting for an Adventure Game. It is coming to both PC and Console, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The only regret I have at the moment is that I did not informed you earlier, as of writing there is only 16 Hours left to Back this game.


The game reached its Kickstarter goal of 100.000 Euros last week, which is an impressive achievement by a small Dutch developer. You have a few hours left to dive in and throw some money at them. There are still 2 stretch goals they can achieve, 120.000 and 140.000 Euros which will add respectively an Arena Game mode and a free side story DLC.

Pine in 30 Seconds

In Pine, Humans never reached the top of the food chain. Set on the living and breathing island of Albamare, an intricate ecology reacts, evolves and adapts to you specifically. It’s up to Hue to find a new home for a near-extinct leftover tribe.


The Story

In the world of Pine, Humans never reached the top of the food chain. In this alternate ‘evolutionary timeline’, other species had the chance to develop language, culture and become smarter than ever. You play as Hue, a smart but shy young adult growing up in an isolated tribe of Humans, deep in the beautiful pine woods of Albamare. Traditionally, the tribe never ventures into the Out, afraid of losing the small oasis of safety they made for themselves.

You discover more and more about the island as you progress, uncovering mysteries about the Humans, the history of Albamare and the creatures that live on it. While there is a clear goal to the game, it lets you decide in what order you want to reach it. The story is linear, but the actors and sets will change based on what you do.

The island features numerous Vaults – mysterious places that hold important tools called Outfindings, which help you traverse the island and interact with its species in new and different ways. However, the Vaults don’t give up on their treasures easily and put Hue to the test in spatial and social obstacles. But their rewards are worth the effort, as they grant new abilities and teach Hue about civilizations that once were!

Check it out on Kickstarter

If you are interested in learning more about Pine be sure to head over to the Kickstarter campaign to read all about the game and its features or check out their website!

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