Mulehorn Gaming Visits Earthfall at PAX South 2017

There were many booths and games to be visited while at PAX South this year, but there was one that drew my attention immediately. I saw guns and aliens and I was in! Meet Earthfall!

First look at Earthfall at Pax Prime 2016

Earthfall is an end-of-the world shooter where you emerge from the ashes of a global meteor strike, only to find that aliens are swarming the planet.  You must band together and fight back with a variety of weapons, supplies, and defenses as you fight your way through towns and wilderness in the Pacific Northwest.

So, is this just a classic FPS? No, Earthfall is a co-op first person shooter for up to four players, but you must use your team to strategically fortify holdouts and complete other objectives. You will build up your defenses by deploying barricades and installing turrets anywhere in the area. During our game play there was one moment I thought we were all going to die, until I saw the turret mounted on the top of a garage mowing down the enemies that surrounded me.  You can also build and upgrade your weapons with a type of 3D printer found within the game. Think of it as a survival tower defense meets FPS.

We had the pleasure to get an interview while at Pax South 2017


Earthfall is from developer Holospark, founded in July of 2015. Make sure you follow them on Twitter for more information or visit their website here. Earthfall is coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in early 2017. Price is to be announced.


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