Expect the Unexpected: Hands-On with What Remains of Edith Finch

The unexpectedness of  What Remains of Edith Finch started from the beginning of my demo and didn’t let up. In a genre that allows for interpretation, Edith Finch takes advantage of that with a completely different take on storytelling.

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Edith Finch: Through Their Eyes

I had a chance to speak with Chris Bell, Lead Game Designer at Giant Sparrow, the studio behind the game. What I learned is that not everything is what it seems… And that is intentional. I played as Edith and went through her home to learn the lineage of her ancestors who had once lived there. She experiences this by reliving things “through their eyes” as part of the narrative. In those stories I was transformed at one point in the game into a bird, hawk, and octopus. All of this facilitates the telling of a little girl’s story whom was part of my family. According to Chris, the game mechanics for each story vary as well as allow for replay ability to catch every nuance of the game.

In the breath of ‘Gone Home’, Edith Finch tells a first-person story in a unique and chilling way. You truly feel as if you are Edith. I enjoyed the voice acting almost as much as the constantly surprising and changing mechanics. The game comes out for PC and PS4 this Spring and is a step forward in the genre.

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