Meet MetaArcade – Tabletop Gaming for a Digital World

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with David Reid, Founder and CEO of MetaArcade. David took a moment to let us chat with him about their new adventure platform.

MetaArcade Interview

We’re thrilled to announce Tunnels & Trolls, originally designed by Ken St. Andre and published by industry stalwart Flying Buffalo, will be the first title released on the MetaArcade Adventures Platform. This legendary tabletop role-playing game was in fact the second RPG ever published; don’t believe us, check the US Library of Congress, it is true! Create your adventurer, arm yourself with sword and shield, wits and luck, or maybe a wizard’s staff, and set out into the lands of Trollworld. Survive long enough, and you too may find yourself having become truly a hero! (via MetaArcade)

As heard in the interview, MetaArcade is a name-your-adventure style RPG/table top platform. They offer you multiple ways to select from different story lines and will also be bringing in a create-your-own-adventure aspect to the game. In the video below, you see David take me through a story line we created on the fly for the Mulehorn.

The ability to make your own adventure, provide art, sound, and more is a great and needed expansion for table top adventure games brought into the digital age. Make sure to follow their twitter for more information here. MetaArcade will be available on iOS and Android and PC after that! Visit the MetaArcade website to sign up for early access!


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