Korbins’ Journal:attachment

I’ve learned to not get emotionally attached to people ever since I got activated.

At first I told myself I was being professional, that it was just part of the job to help fight the good fight, to help those in need… But I find myself, more often than not, noticing the mass makeshift graves, filled with men, women…with children, all of whom didn’t deserve to die in whatever way they did–who shouldn’t have died. And I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. I do what I can. Hand out bottles of water or canned food to random pedestrians on the street, and all I get is a smile or a hoarse thank you. I don’t know these people, and chances are they’re going to end up in one of those graves, they’ll die from already being infected, getting infected, or at this point most likely get killed by some looter. But what’s it all for? To get government back on its feet? Am I enough? Are WE enough?

Dr. Kandel asked me to look for her girlfriend… and, to be honest, I don’t know what I found. I followed the echoes to track her down and I saw a woman… just sitting and playing a piano in the street… surrounded by empty cars and turned over trucks… and I just stood there… the gravity of this… apocalypse finally setting in. I gave the letter I found to Dr. Kandel, it seemed like an eternity for her to read it, and afterwards we just sat, speechless, both seemingly unwilling to acknowledge what’s happened and what’s happening.

It’s hard to not feel emotionally attached to people these days. We need each other.

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Kurt, or more commonly known as dirtybombz or major Rager, I've been all over the place in gaming from the og gameboy to ps2 and now at home with xbox one. I've been known to string together curses like a tapestry of profanity, also studying making games, and look forward to sharing my love of gaming with my son.