Division/Watchdogs crossover


So Ubisoft in all their awesomeness has given nods to their other games in certain titles. In Ghost Recon they made mention of Rainbow 6, in watchdogs there is a reference to the CEO of Abstereo from Black Flag. So it’s fair to say that some of these titles exist in the same universe, and today I found a nugget that lends credibility to the Division being no different.

I was strolling through the subways trying to find cleaners to kill for the daily challenge. Having struck out in yet another lifeless subway tunnel,  I began going back to the streets when I happened upon this. Screenshot-Original

At first glance,sure. It’s a poster for a sports car, but for those that have played Watchdogs, it’s more. What it actually is, is the Papavero. Ubisofts take on what I believe is an Alpha Romeo car in real life. Here is a picture of the car from the Watchdogs game



There you have it. Same car. Different game and I’ll bet there will be more easter eggs like this when the game launches.

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