Rectify Gaming


We would like to introduce you some of our MuleFriends!

Rectify Gaming! 

Founded in 2013. Rectify Gaming is a gaming website that hosts community events such as gamenights, tournaments, giveaways. Also, we report on news daily whether you’re a PC, Xbox, Nintendo, or Playstation fan Rectify is your place to stay.  Not only do we do community events or news we also make youtube videos featuring several games, we tend to stream on Twitch from time to time. Come get Rectified
P.S. These Mule guys are cool too.
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Podcast Host at Mulehorn Gaming & Analog Assault
Wade, also known in the gaming world as a "mulebaggin extraordinaire", Mulehorn117. I’m married with three kids and have a love for gaming. My gamer history starts all the way back with Tandy 1000 and Atari. You can find me on the airways with the Analog Assault Podcast.