How to cheese Eris Bounties every day

Hey everyone!

So, I have found the perfect way to get your Eris bounties/rank up super fast. I have only been doing this about a week and a half and I’m almost a rank 3. I don’t know why but I never did the Eris bounties. Just didn’t like trying to run all over the place and do them. Or run endless strikes trying to get them. Until now…

Cheddar Cheese Eris Sandwich

The first thing you will want to do is pick up all your bounties with Eris. (The strategy I am using is doing this with each character so that I will be able to purchase Radiant Shards with all of them and start stacking up on them.) Then head to orbit. Go to the first moon mission “The Dark Beyond” and put it on level 9.

The Dark beyoung-ws

The reason you want level 9 is because it makes it a little be easier to kill the adds and you don’t have to wait around forever when you want to die.

Start going through the mission as fast as you can until you get to the Temple of Crota. Where the big doors open up after the cut scene of the dead Guardian.


Once the cut scene is done get ready for the hoards to come rushing out! Then it just a matter of doing your specific bounty. The two keys to this is do not go into the doors and do not kill all the enemies. I usually leave the boomer to let him finish me off, but it doesn’t matter who is left long as someone is there to kill you. 

Once you die it will respawn you at the door check point where the hoards will race out again. From here its kill then die. Rinse and repeat. The best part about this is the next day when you pick up the bounties again you will start at the door check point again!

On average doing this strategy  I got the bounties down in 20 min tops! Hope you enjoy that sandwich!

EDIT: Here is a short clip of me doing it!

And remember… when in doubt….. blow it up!


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