Community spotlight with Hunni Bunni xo of Bravo Bandits!

Hey gamers!

Since starting Mulehorn Gaming I have ran into a bunch of great people.  We will be starting a new weekly (if possible #dadslife) feature on some of us gamers and our clans.

It’s always nice to get to know the people we spend time with gaming just a little bit better. So, this weeks feature is on Hunni Bunni xo of Bravo Bandits.


Mulehorn117: It has been a pleasure getting to know you! So, let me just drive in to the questions. First off tell us a little about yourself.

Hunni Bunni xo: I am a proud Mom to 3 gamer boys. Ages 8, 7 and 2. Our family is CRAZY! Lots of screaming, running, gaming…you name it! All mixed in with brotherly brawls and diapers! Currently I play on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I find myself more on the 360 however since most my gaming buddies are still on there. Hunni Bunni xo is my Xbox Live name, but most pals call me HB to keep it short and sweet. 🙂

Mulehorn117: How long have you been gaming, and what are some of your favorite past gaming memories?

HBI started gaming at around age 9 on the NES. Played Mario and Duck Hunt like it was the best thing next to chocolate! Those were great times and memories being so excited to get home from school to play with my fancy orange gun! *Pew Pew* By the time I was 14, I was into PC gaming. D&D started me off until i come across Combat Arms(FPS) which ultimately landed me into Console gaming around age 19. Playing Halo for first time on the 360 was surreal for me and probably my most memorable moment as I fell in love with the Halo franchise and of course, Master Chief!

Mulehorn117: Any must have games we should make sure are in our gaming library you would recommend?

HB: Hmm, oldies but goodies… Halo 3, L4D2 and Super Mario Bros 2.(Wii) Newer games? Most definitely Destiny, Halo MCC and Skylander’s Swap Force. Although there is a few games in there “kid” related…I’m a kid at heart, and well y’know! Mom has to play with the kiddos too!

Mulehorn117: How did you get started with Dads of Destiny? Tell us a little about your clan.

HB: I am currently the Founder for DoD Bravo Bandits. I saw Dads of Destiny highlighted on Bungie News, and it seemed like the perfect community for me. Laid-back, family oriented and not strict as far as duals or character rankings and skills sets. I quickly enlisted after the spotlight in August 2014 went live. Been a member of Bravo ever since and have loved every minute of it. Great group of people all around and they all have so much to offer the community of parents.

Mulehorn117: If you were forced to play one game for the rest of your gaming life what would it be?

HB: That’s a toughie! Either Halo3 or Destiny.

Mulehorn117: Any gaming purchase plans in the future or games coming out that you are excited about?

HB: Yes! Impatiently waiting for Tom Clancy’s The Division to be released. It’s on my most wanted list. I also would like to purchase Dying Light if i find myself more on Xbox One.

Mulehorn117: My final question is if you have to choice between a hive husband or a Cabal which would it be and why? LOL

HB: LOL! I’d have to go with a Cabal Centurion. The hive are relentless and not very tactical. The cabal are actually quite intelligent and i see them as kinda “manly”  if you will. Maybe if i close my eyes and pretend hard enough; I can imagine it’s a giant teddy!

Ha ha ha! Thank you Hunni Bunni xo for your time and glad we have go to know each other. Good luck to you and Bravo Bandits in all y’alls future gaming endeavors!

If you would like to be spotlighted or your clan to be feature please feel free to reach out to us at Mulehorn gaming.

Happy gaming everyone! And remember….when in doubt…..blow it up!

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