How to power level a new Character in Destiny.

Why power level or have multiple characters?

Hey guys! I thought I would get a quick explanation on how to power level a new character on Destiny and why.

Once you get two or three characters in destiny in a high enough level to do nightfall, weekly, and daily runs it will help out a ton. (See post here on how to maximize strange coins) This allows you more opportunities as you level to 30-32 to run more Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raids. This equals more opportunities for weapon drops and gear.

How to power level a new character

OverwatchWhat you will want to do is get a buddy who is at the very lest a 20 level character. Higher level characters are fine as well. The higher the better as it will allow you to blaze through the story missions. It doesn’t matter if your lower level character gets hardly any kills. They will still get experience and level up super fast. The low level character is basically piggy backing on the difficultly to level up faster. Here’s how to run it.

  • Make the higher level friend who is helping you party leader.
  • Start going through the story missions
  • Set to the highest difficultly allowed.
  • Run through the story until Level 18 is reached

Once you hit level 18 it allows you to do strikes. Stop doing the story and do strikes! The reason you want to stop running through the story and start doing strikes is more green and blue engrams will drop. You will need those engrams for material to upgrade your armor.  Rinse and repeat. Just keep at it and you will have that character to level 30 in no time!

Tips while leveling new character

 I would suggest to never break down purple equipment. What I mean is if you are a hunter and you get a titan helmet don’t break it down for shards. Keep it in the vault as it will help move your new titan character to 30 faster. One other tip for your buddy running you through the story missions is this would be the perfect time for him to pick up bounties and level up guns!

I hope this helps and happy gaming everyone! And remember when in doubt….blow it up!


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