Solo C.E Abyss, Bridge, Deathsinger, and Crota with Domeybear

Hello guys! Domeybear here with some tips and tricks to get you through the whole crota raid.

Lets start with the abyss or lamp section. I personally don’t like to wait around for a fireteam so I get it done asap every time by myself. Let me walk you through it and show you the way. It’s a little tricky but with some practice you should be able to get it almost every try.


I like to carry a nice auto rifle. Any will do I guess cause my method avoids enemy’s for the most part. A nice sniper is a plus. I prefer to have an icebreaker handy. And last a nice rocket launcher for the ogre. I usually start the run with a vex mythoclast, murmur, hezen vengeance. The reason I pick the vex and murmur is because both add to your agility. We will get to that in a bit.


Obviously you will want your highest rated gear.


Always have some heavy ammo synths in your pocket.

So lets jump into it…

Here is a vid on the lamps with details below. Feel free to open the links in a separate window if you would like to read while you watch…

When starting the first thing I do is set my “skill tree” or whatever you may call it to max agility. I use a warlock so there is 2 perks that help my agility. Also I use guns that have this perk. Vex and murmur will both give you added agility. Im sure there is plenty of guns that will do the same.

Start running- once I make it to the second lamp I will run around the backside and jump onto the big rock. Try to get close to the edge because sometimes it helps to get a tiny running start. Make sure to always be as close to the lamp as possible. Jump up onto the ledge behind the lamp. You should be able to see it. Once you make it up there don’t worry about enemy’s. Start running toward the left and stay on the ledge. You will come to the end and have to make a right turn. Walk a little more and you will see a lamp with a knight guarding it. Kill him or just avoid him. Let the weight of darkness go down and make your way up the hill avoiding the giant holes. Once you are at the next lamp just take a second the lift that weight and make your way to the end. You will see in the vid my route I take to skip a lamp. So we are at the end now. Once we step on the plate it will all start. This is where you will need that rocket launcher. Take your time and use a heavy synth and fix your skill tree back to normal if you want or need to. This is where lately I will swap my vex for a normal gun so I can pull out my icebreaker just in case. Now we step on the plate. Running away from the plate and toward the last lamp you will see a nice little rock formation made just for you. This is where I choose to sit with my rockets ready. In the distance behind the lamp I skipped will be an ogre. As soon as I see him I will fire a couple rockets. Using a 300 dmg rocket I usually fire 3 at him. If that isn’t enough shoot a little primary or sniper to finish him off. Once he is dead just sit on the rock and enjoy a victory dance cause you have completed it. Wait for the bridge to form and run across it.

Bridge CP

Here’s a quick vid to help.

For the most part I run the same sort of setup on weapons. A good AR, sniper, and rocket launcher.

We are gonna jump on the plate for a second to start it up. I then jump on a pillar for protection. All the enemy’s will start to spawn but we are not worried about them. We are waiting on the swordbearer. He will come down those steps pretty quick. Take him out however you need to. Sometimes he’s shy so you might have to chase him down. Once he’s down grab that sword and make your way up to the platform on the left side of the map. You will see how I get up there and where I jump from. Now the jump… it’s not hard. You can’t fly straight across the map so we will go at an angle. I aim for the platform off in the distance. You want to fly to where the middle of the bridge would normally be if it had formed. Then we make that left turn to hit the landing spot. Might take you a couple tries but you will get it with some practice. For the people who don’t know how to fly with the sword it’s just using your RB or right bumper. I tap it very fast to make sure I don’t fall from the sky to quick. Once I land I just drop the sword and avoid the gatekeeper. No need to kill him today. I make my way to the right side where I always feel safe at because you can use the rocks for cover if needed. Never go all the way to the back or the totums will light up and game over. I try to stay close to them and if they ever do light up just run over to it and it will stop. Start killing some of the little guys. Always keep an eye on those doors up the steps cause that’s where the ogre will spawn and also some smaller enemy’s. Once you kill enough enemy’s the ogres will come out. This is why we like the rocks cause he will kill you pretty quick so we need that cover. I will usually shoot a couple rockets and switch to my sniper. Once he’s dead you can breathe a little. That’s not the end yet. One more ogre to kill. He will be across the way from you and you still have the cover of the rocks. If you still have some rockets feel free to pop them off and use a sniper to keep your distance. Once he’s dead everything else will despawn and you’re good. I haven’t made a vid of the shreaker hallway because it’s pretty simple. Kill them and run through. Use the tombstone type rocks to stay off the ground. Watch out for the little blast that come off the shreakers when you kill them because they hurt. I try to stay in the big circle room and kill them so I can run away from the blast.

Deathsinger cp. video

So we are now ready to take on the deathsinger. Im gonna use the same guns from the last section. I will use a heavy ammo synth before we start running also. This part is not to bad when you get the hang of it. Being a warlock helps cause you can self res but any class can get the job done. When you’re ready to start don’t shoot at those knights you see at the end of the hallway up the stairs. If you shoot at them you will start the deathsinger’s time a little early and every second counts. I think it’s 3:08 to kill deathsinger or it’s a wipe. So speed is crucial here and you will need every extra second. When we are ready we will start running. I always run past the knights and go to the right side first. I will jump on a rock and jump onto the platform to save me time. Once up there just run into the door and back out. I then make my way to the boomer tower for cover. A wizard will spawn and come out that door we ran into. A sniper rifle is perfect for this job. I always use the icebreaker cause wizards are solar shielded. Icebreaker rips them very quick. After the wizard is dead I make my way across the map and run into the opposite door on the main building to spawn the other wizard. Same tactic. Use the boomer tower for cover and snipe away. Once that wizard dies I quickly run into the building avoiding all the knights ect to take out the shreaker. I usually fire a rocket or 2 and throw a grenade at it. Then make my way back out. Be careful cause there will be enemy’s all outside that door. This si why I prefer to kill this sides shreaker first. If you do the other side first it’s very hard to make it back into that room cause of the amount of enemy’s. So we try to get this side done quick before tons of adds spawn. Make our way back to the other side where we killed the first wizard and do the same. Shoot the shreaker ect and run back out. The reason we will run back out is to avoid the shreaker blast from killing it. Try not going to far cause time is key here. So we are ready to in. I make sure my guns are reloaded and I start. Avoid the knights and make it to the middle room where the deathsinger waits. There is no real method to this so good luck. I will usually shoot a rocket or 2 at her as im running in the room. I then jump on the door frames to stay off the ground and protect me from the knights. Around this time the deathsinger will probably be starting her lithurgy. Your screen will start to change colors but don’t panic. This is actually good. This means you have 30 secs. The plus side of it means she will stop flying around and you can shoot her with all you got. Shoot the couple rockets you have left and this where that icebreaker is very handy. If you do manage to kill her you can now take a breath but it’s not over of course. Once she is dead the time will stop. Carefully make you way back outside to the boomer towers we used earlier. When she dies everything else will not despawn. But the hard part is over. Now take your time and kill all the enemy’s you see. Make your way back into the building and clear them all out. Once most of them are dead you will get the checkpoint for crota himself. Congratulations!!!!! You have just completed 75% of the raid solo.

Crota cp.

So now we are at the end and ready to take on crota himself. I’m not going to lie about this section. It’s going to be rough. Xbox one’s record feature only gives me 5 minutes so you do miss a little footage but it’s nothing important. The vid picks up when I grab the second sword. First thing I like to do is get my weapons in order. I’m going to be using the Word of Crota hand cannon, ice breaker, and my trusty Hezen Vengance rockets. Just so you know my cannon and rocket is only 300 dmg. Ice breaker is a 331 dmg. Now I’m running a warlock as always so here is what I changed up for the boss fight. I swapped my raid helmet with the exotic Obsidian Mind to raise my intellect a little. I also swapped my exotic chest for the raid chest to raise my intellect and discipline. Raising these stats allowed me to generate grenades and my super faster. On my skill tree I will change a couple as well. I swap out my solar grenades for the fusions. I then turn on Viking Funeral and touch of flame. These perks will allow my grenades to catch Crota on fire and make the damage last longer keeping his shields from going back up. We are ready to start. To start the process we will of course touch the big crystal in the middle of the room. You will see all the adds start to pile up outside the glass. Once the glass drops just start shooting. I prefer to use the icebreaker here because if you’re a 32 you can 1 shot everything. Clear out both sides and don’t walk out the main doors until you’re ready to go. So run down to the chalice and grab it. I then turn around and go down toward the bottom. The bottom area gives you plenty of cover and the thrall will not come down there. Look for the sword bearer and pop him with the ice breaker or whatever you have. At this point I will have my grenade ready and my super is charged. We will now grab the sword. Since the vid picks up on the second sword I’m just going to jump ahead. The second sword is done the same as the first. Grab the sword and run to the rocks on the right side of where Crota will be. Jump up and drop the sword. Now in the vid I got to the spot a little quick so he wasn’t in position. I also missed my grenade. Usually you will not need to do what I did there. The way it should be done is- stick him with your first grenade and quickly hit your radiance to generate more nades. It takes 4 to drop him to his knees. As you throw the 4th grenade get ready. You will grab the sword and make the jump up. If you get your timing down you should be able to get 3 hits. Since we are on the second sword we will make our way down bottom for the ogres. In the vid you will notice once I go down to the bottom I will kill as many adds as I can. I do this after every sword to raise my super back up for the next run. I am also keeping an eye out for the ogres. Crota should be moving toward your left at this time. You should see the ogres coming out. Time is key here. I will try to put a whole clip of ice breaker in one of them to help me out when they come down low. Run down to the back of the hallway for protection. Doesn’t matter how you kill them but get it done quick as possible. You want to have them dead before crota rotates back to the middle. If he has already rotated then you will be in a wipe situation. The problem is if he has rotated you will not have time to kill sword bearer ect before he moves again. If you aren’t able to get him down and make the hits it will cause more ogres to spawn after you take down the next sword bearer. Ogres usually spawn after the 2nd and 4th sword unless you don’t make the timing right causing ogres to spawn after 3rd sword. If ogres spawn after the 3rd sword you will run out of time and he will be enraged. So back to the action…. Kill them ogres quick and set up for the next sword. Soon as crota is back in the middle take down that sword bearer. Grab the sword and make our way to the rock. Same process. Throw first grenade and use radiance to generate more. On the 4th grenade jump on up and wack, wack, wack. Now after the 3rd sword I retreat a different way than just jumping down cause it seems like crota’s sword is a mile long and he always manages to swipe me on the 3rd sword run. So I just run back to where we came from and then make my way to the bottom. Crota will be moving to your right again. Kill some adds to get that super back up and wait. Crota will make his way back to middle and you will get that sword bearer for the last time. Don’t get nervous now. Kill the sword bearer and make your final run toward the rocks. Hop up and throw them grenades just as before. 4th grenade and jump up and slam him. Now in the vid I get 3 hits on 1-3 swords and the 4th sword took 2 hits. Everywhere I read said 12 hits but it took me 11. But you have time to get a 3rd hit if you need to. Do a dance my friend cause you have earned it!!!! You have done what teams of 6 still haven’t.

Hope this helps some people who want to give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to learn. Sorry if the sound on vids are kinda off sync. It’s the xbox ones fault and not mine. Thanks again guys

And remember…when in doubt blow it up!


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