Taking the fight to Crota. My first Crota’s End run.

Our crew of Prime Collective about to take on Crota.

Finally. I got to do a Crota’s End normal run (CE). In our squad of six guys we had four rookies.The only people who have been through a normal CE run was Circuit08 and pT x MAVERICK x. It took us about 3.5 hours to complete with four rookies and no cheese. In my book that’s awesome!

Tower Pic

Pictured above is the crew from Prime Collective that I rolled with. From Left to Right (Mulehorn117, Circuit8, Adonus19, Shark Douglas, LookItsMikeO, pT x MAVERICK x)

NateJohns started with us but had to drop out at the second bridge. Sorry Nate I didn’t get a picture for you!

The most difficult part that we had was the very beginning with the massive amounts of hive we had to deal with. Once we went with the advice of pT x MAVERICK x and upped all of our agility perks we got through no problem. I will add to the fact that having all high level characters made this so much more fun and easier.

First Bridge

The strategy we used for the first bridge was to run through as fast as possible with the hunters as blade dancers to clear some space. The invisibility perk was also very handy when having to hide or keep the hive off your back. If you are a Hunter and have the exotic “Don’t Touch Me” gauntlets I highly recommend you equip them. The perk of turning invisible when hit with a melee attack saved me a ton.

Second Bridge

For the sake of not having to explain each section of CE I will use block quotes from the Destiny Wiki page


The phase is begun when a guardian begins forming the bridge, which will trigger enemy spawns. Among the normal Hive enemies is a Swordbearer. When a Swordbearer is killed, it will drop a sword which one player must pick up within a brief period of time before it despawns. Only players carrying a sword may cross the bridge; swordless players who step onto it will be instantly killed from a debuff known as Bane of the Swordless. The sword will last for 1 minute after being picked up, so the other team members must coordinate to have the bridge fully formed at the moment the sword is claimed.

On the other side of the bridge, the sword carrier will encounter blue knight variants called Gatekeepers. These can only be damaged by the sword, so the carrier must kill them quickly before the sword disappears. One gatekeeper will spawn for each Swordbearer killed. The carrier must also be careful not to spend too much time in the bridge-forming circle on the far side as that will trigger a second set of annihilation totems.

Once the sword despawns, another Swordbearer will emerge and the process must be repeated to move a second player across the bridge, and then again for a third. At that point the two halves of the team switch roles, and the players on the far side of the bridge must use their own forming circle and anti-totem circles to form the bridge while the players remaining on the starting side obtain swords and come across.

After all living members of the team make it to the far side two Ogres and a large number of supporting Hive will emerge from doors. Once the two Ogres are dead, the enemies will despawn, the large central door will open, and loot will be delivered. If all players on the starting side die, it is still possible to finish the stage as long as the players on the far side can survive.

The team must now run a gauntlet of Thralls, Cursed Thralls, and Shriekers to descend into the final area, containing the next two phases of the raid.

The last person does not have to cross if the team on the other side can kill the ogres. Once the ogres are killed the team on the other side can active the bridge from their side and let anyone left cross. We found this out when our team had two people die on the first part of the bridge but our squad was able to kill the orges  allowing us to revive and cross.

Ir Yut 

This phase requires the team to kill Ir Yût, The Deathsinger, located within the chamber housing a large crystal and shielded off from the players. When the players enter the area, Ir Yût will begin a 3-minute timer. If she has not been defeated before this timer expires, the team will be wiped.

In order to access the Crystal Chamber to fight Ir Yût, the players must lure out the Wizards from either side, then kill them. After each Wizard dies, a Shrieker will activate on either side of the Crystal Chamber that must be destroyed (only if the “the Deathsinger prepares her song” prompt has appeared). Once both Wizards and both Shriekers have been killed, the Crystal Chamber will open, allowing access to Ir Yût. During the final 30 seconds of the timer, the Deathsinger will stop moving and a warning will be visible on the HUD, providing an opportune moment to attack. Once she is defeated, the time limit is lifted.

After Ir Yût has been defeated, begin killing off surrounding Hive Knights. The phase will be completed and loot will be dropped after killing a majority of the Knights.

We used to two towers in the back where Crota will eventually spawn to set up shop and use our ice breakers and rockets to pick off the wizards and boomers. This tactic was great. Thanks to Circuit08 for this part. His tactic made it fast and easy.

 Crota Son of Oryx

Once Ir Yût’s phase is complete, the crystal in Ir Yût’s chamber may be used to spawn Crota, Son of Oryx by having every player stand very close to it. Once started, the shielded doorways will come up, sealing the team within the room while Knights and Acolytes spawn outside and surround it. Crota will spawn on the platform across from the crystal chamber. Once Crota has spawned, the shielded doors will drop and the horde will attack.

During this entire fight, a debuff will be active called “Presence of Crota” which prevents normal health regeneration. Health may be regenerated by claiming the Chalice of Light, an item which spawns in the arena below Crota and may be held by one player at a time. Picking up the Chalice or taking it from another player will immediately trigger regeneration and holding it will allow regeneration to work normally. Any weapon upgrades,armor upgrades, or subclass abilities that grant health regeneration will still work.

Sharing the Chalice among the team members is important because of the Oversoul, the glowing object hanging in the sky over the arena. If any team member dies, Crota will “summon his oversoul,” which causes it to expand into a huge sphere. The remaining team members must fire their weapons at it until it fades from mottled white to flat gray and disappears. If this is not done within ten seconds, the entire team will be killed. Crota also has two normal attacks: he can fire Arc bolts and he also has a sword with which he can instantly kill any players who get too close to him.

Crota possesses a shield which can be damaged by normal weapons, but which will recharge instantly if not continuously fired upon. Once the shield is down, Crota will kneel for about five seconds. During these five seconds he is only vulnerable to Hive swords, which the players must obtain by killing a Swordbearer in the arena below his walkway. The team must precisely match the arrival of the player carrying the sword at Crota with the fall of his shield so that the sword may be used to do as much damage to his health as possible. Crota will flash orange before he rises from kneeling; the sword carrier must retreat at this point to avoid an instant-kill counterattack. Once Crota fades back to green, his shield may be dropped again for additional sword hits if it lasts long enough (like all other Hive swords, the sword will last for 1 minute after the enemy it drops from is killed).

After two Swordbearers are killed, two Hallowed Ogres will spawn underneath the towers housing the Knights using Boomers. They must be killed before another Swordbearer will spawn.

Crota will enrage if not killed within twelve minutes. While enraged, Crota will be able to use the Oversoul at any time, not just upon player death, and Ogres will spawn constantly.

First make sure you have plenty of Heavy Ammo Synthesis. You will need them to get Crota’s shield down.

Our tactic on this was to sit in the middle-back in the hallway under the crystal room. Everyone had either rockets (If you have one with tracking it makes it so much easier) or Ice Breakers to take the shields of Crota down.

The swordbear was lead into our kill box and we would unload on him. Once down we had Circuit08 (Warlock) grab the sword as we hit Crota with everything we had (Rockets and Ice Brakers). This way works best when Crota is in the middle of the map rather than the edges.  Between each wave we passed around the Chalice if needed for health, all while taking out adds. If you have a Titan defender it worked great to have them pop the bubble in the back of the hallway for added cover.

The rest was history!

These were the drops that I got in my first CE run.

Tireless Striders

These hunter boots are great for CE. The perks are the following:

  • Heavey Weapon Ammo – Increases the amount of Heavy Weapon ammunition you can carry. This perk is great specially when you think about taking on sword bearers.
  • Upgrade Defense
  • Swordbear’s Touch – Gain a temporary increase to Agility while carrying the sword of a Hive Swordbearer
  • Upgrade Defense for the last four perks
Light in the Abyss
Black Hammer

And finally the weapon I got was the Black Hammer. As I upgrade and use it more I will have a review to follow!

Happy gaming everyone and remember when in doubt…..blow it up!


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